Introducing Mandy | 2nd Shooter

The last couple of months have been quit the challenge and a lot of growth for my business.  I am beyond thankful and blessed with the direction my business is going.  While growth can be fun and exciting it is also oh so stressful.  That is why it’s time to put a little team together and have some extra set of hands to help!

Meet Mandy, short for Mandylynn. She is a self-taught, young photographer who’s been doing photography for a few years now.  We met last week and chatted for a few hours and it was a match made in photography heaven, if there is such a place ;)  We had so much in common, which was crazy, and shared so many ideas that I am excited to have her on my team.

Say Hi, and give her a big WELCOME!


You can follow her work on Instagram: @mandyylynnphotography

Mari + Luis | Engagement Session – Part 1

A few months back I had a contest on Facebook, get the most Votes on your Photo and win a free Engagement Session. That’s when I met Mari & Luis.  While they didn’t win the contest they still wanted me as their wedding photographer…Yay for me!  We chatted via Face Time and I knew instantly they were going to be amazing to work with.  Mari had a great idea for Part 1 (yes Part 1, Part 2 is coming) for their Engagement Session, I was super excited. I am always up for new adventures and locations. Took us a few months to work out the details but the day couldn’t have turned out any better. Mari & Luis live in the Florida Keys so what better place to shoot.  We started in Hawks Cay Resort and then slipped the boat into the marina and took some shots out in the ocean.  I must say, I was a bit nervous because of the weather but THANK GOD it did not rain.  We had beautiful blue skies and a couple in love…what else could a photographer ask for?!  Here are a few of my favorite shots from their session. Can’t wait for Part 2. Stay tuned!

2014-08-05_0001 2014-08-05_0002 2014-08-05_0003 2014-08-05_0004 2014-08-05_0005 2014-08-05_0006 2014-08-05_0007 2014-08-05_0008 2014-08-05_0009 2014-08-05_0010 2014-08-05_0011 2014-08-05_0012 2014-08-05_0013 2014-08-05_0014 2014-08-05_0015 2014-08-05_0016 2014-08-05_0017 2014-08-05_0018 2014-08-05_0019 2014-08-05_0020 2014-08-05_0021

2014-08-03_0001 2014-08-05_0022

Charlotte | Maternity Session

I’ve known Charlotte for quit a few years and the moment she found out she was expecting baby #2 she said “You are our family photographer forever”! That put a smile on my face and I couldn’t be more excited for her and her beautiful family.  Soon to be Big Brother Robert was being funny and silly but we still managed to get some pretty adorable shots of him.  I let him be the boss of the shoot ;)  Here are a few of my favorite from her session.  Enjoy!

2014-08-04_0001 2014-08-04_0002 2014-08-04_0003 2014-08-04_0004 2014-08-04_0005 2014-08-04_0006 2014-08-04_0007

Daniella & Family | Miami Photographer

Before I became a photographer my career was in property management.  It was the job that paid the bills and I was good at.  It was just a job, a job I really disliked. I knew if I worked hard enough, my dream of being a full-time photographer would become a reality….and it did!  Till this day, I am grateful I was able to leave a job I disliked so much and do something that is fun, creative, meaningful and able to pay the bills of course.

On Sunday, my session with Daniella and her family made me realize just how special my job is and confirmed even more, how taking the leap of faith to leave my 9-5 was the best decision ever.  It gave me a new meaning to photography.  You see, photographers just don’t take pictures with a fancy camera, we make moments stand still.  A photograph triggers memories and helps you remember the past, good, the bad and life.  It is something you can hold onto forever.  This, this is what I was meant to do….

This session with Daniella was so meaningful. Not only is she turning two, she is battling one heartbreaking battle and horrible disease. She is fighting cancer.  When Dania, Daniella’s mommy contacted me to do the session I automatically knew this was a session I would never forget.  I am blessed and so thankful Dania chose me to be a part of this special moment. To capture her daughter having fun, playing and just being a two-year old.  She did amazing during her session and who knew my little gesture of taking bubbles would make her so happy.  She showed me that day what bravery is!

Mommy & Daddy wanted the grandparents to join us for this and her big brother Danny was playing with her, making her laugh. You can just feel the love from her family.  May God continue to give this family strength and hope for their baby girl.  No child should ever battle this disease.  My prayers and love are with them while they go through this tough time. I hope these photos bring a smile to their face.  2014-07-28_0001 2014-07-28_0006w 2014-07-28_0007w

2014-07-28_0008 2014-07-28_0004w

2014-07-28_0009 2014-07-28_0010w2014-07-28_0012w2014-07-28_0011w2014-07-28_0013w



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