Christine + Gabriel | Engagement Session

A few days before Christine & Gabriel’s E-Session, Christine and I finalized all the details for the shoot. Not once during our conversation did we expect for everything to turn out BETTER then we had planned.  Christine & Gabriel made it a little weekend getaway for them to really enjoy some time alone and enjoy their Engagement Shoot day!  They rented a room at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Brickell. From the moment Gabriel walked into the room, I knew he was going to be a blast to work with.  Most grooms aren’t to thrilled about taking pictures….but he was all for it LOL!  We started shooting on the balcony with the beautiful Miami Bay view they had.  I can just feel the love between them and they made it so easy for me to capture this special moment for them.  We worked our way down from the room, to the hotel lobby then outside. Christine had her hair & makeup artist Lily stay throughout the session for touch ups. What a difference this made!! Brides, if you can do this I totally recommend it. This Engagement Session was by far one of the funnest and amazing sessions I’ve done.  They will be having a destination wedding in Mexico in July and I wish them many years of happiness and joy!2014-04-21_0001 2014-04-21_0002 2014-04-21_0003 2014-04-21_0004 2014-04-21_0005 2014-04-21_0006 2014-04-21_0007 2014-04-21_0008 2014-04-21_0009 2014-04-21_0010 2014-04-21_0011 2014-04-21_0012 2014-04-21_0013 2014-04-21_0014
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Gunner | Newborn Session

Meet Baby Gunner, the 4th generation of the Gunner Bostrom men! This little guy was a tough cookie and took almost 3 1/2 hours to put to sleep….BUT WE DID IT!! Mommy & Daddy were troopers! Mommy has been a friend of mine since high school and it was great to catch up and meet her hubby and new baby boy!2014-04-08_0016 2014-04-08_0017 2014-04-08_0018 2014-04-08_0019 2014-04-08_0020 2014-04-08_0021 2014-04-08_0022 2014-04-08_0023

Cameron | First Birthday

It seems like yesterday most of my friends and I were pregnant, yet here we are celebrating first birthdays like crazy! This little guy Cameron is just too adorable for words and is turning ONE soon!! Mom & Dad are super awesome and close friends of mine.  She mentioned some of her ideas and I just ran with it….had this custom-made boat made for his birthday session! He did so good during his session and I was happy to capture this special moment for Dyana & Carlos!  Oh and his smile…..”sigh” so cuuuuute!!!!2014-04-08_0001 2014-04-08_0002 2014-04-08_0003 2014-04-08_0004 2014-04-08_0005 2014-04-08_0006 2014-04-08_0007 2014-04-08_0008 2014-04-08_0009 2014-04-08_0010 2014-04-08_0011 2014-04-08_0012

Matthew | Newborn Session

It was such a pleasure to see Marcia after so many years, we go way back to middle school! She has a beautiful family and I had the honor of shooting her baby boy Matthew. He is just 10 days old and is one handsome little guy!  It was great to catch up and spend time together! Here are a few of my favorite shots from his Newborn Session.

2014-04-07_0022 2014-04-07_0023 2014-04-07_0024 2014-04-07_0025 2014-04-07_0026 2014-04-07_0027 2014-04-07_0028 2014-04-07_0029


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