Laura + Family | Maternity Session

I’ve been photographing my friend Laura and her beautiful family for some time now but this session….this session was just extra awesome! I love when a client gives me creative freedom during their session.  The weather was absolutely perfect. A cool breeze and beautiful light! Laura and her family are expecting a baby girl…..YES another girl, poor daddy lol! I am so happy to capture this special moment for her and her family.  Here are a few, well more than a few of my favorite from her Maternity Session!

2014-10-06_0014 2014-10-06_0015 2014-10-06_0016 2014-10-06_0017 2014-10-06_0018 2014-10-06_0019 2014-10-06_0020 2014-10-06_0021 2014-10-06_0022 2014-10-06_0023 2014-10-06_0024 2014-10-06_0025 2014-10-06_0026 2014-10-06_0027 2014-10-06_0028 2014-10-06_0029 2014-10-06_0030 2014-10-06_0031 2014-10-06_0032 2014-10-06_0033 2014-10-06_0034 2014-10-06_0035

Jeanine + Family | Maternity Session

It was a beautiful but humid afternoon for Jeanine’s Maternity Session.  The Whitehurst Family is growing by 2 feet and it’s a baby boy!  Big sister Lula can’t wait to meet her little brother.  I’m sure she is going to be a great help to mommy & daddy.  Here are a few of my favorite from their session. Enjoy!

2014-10-06_0001 2014-10-06_0002 2014-10-06_0003 2014-10-06_0004 2014-10-06_0005 2014-10-06_0006 2014-10-06_0007 2014-10-06_0008 2014-10-06_0009 2014-10-06_0010 2014-10-06_0011 2014-10-06_0012

Isabella | Newborn Session

I loved everything about Isabella’s Newborn Session and just had to share.  Sweet Isabella was just 7 days old.  Loved the color combinations we choose which match with her nursery. Here are a few of my favorite from her session!

2014-10-01_0001 2014-10-01_0002 2014-10-01_0003 2014-10-01_0004 2014-10-01_0005 2014-10-01_0006 2014-10-01_0007 2014-10-01_0008 2014-10-01_0009

Olivia Turns Two

As I look back on a few of my past sessions and catch up with my blog, I can’t believe I never shared with you all Olivia’s 2nd Birthday Session!  This was back in July…oops!! I loved spending time with this family and Olivia is just so precious.  It was hot and humid but that didn’t stop us from having a wonderful time.  I absolutely love everything about this session!  Enjoy!

EGPStomp_0038 EGPStomp_0039 EGPStomp_0040 EGPStomp_0041 EGPStomp_0042 EGPStomp_0043 EGPStomp_0044 EGPStomp_0045 EGPStomp_0046 EGPStomp_0047


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