Grunge-Drunkin Love Styled Wedding Photo Shoot

If you’ve taken some time to check out my Website, Blog, Facebook etc, you will see most of my work is portraits.  From Newborns to Maternity, to First Birthday shoots, I’ve captured so many great memories for my clients. But the one little missing puzzle to my business is Weddings. Why? Because I stopped doing weddings […]

My First Photography Workshop | “Getting Started”

It’s important to me as I grow my business I take time to help others who enjoy photography like I do. It’s something I wanted to do from the beginning as soon as I realized how alone and clueless I was when I first started. I reached out to at least 4 different photographers (who […]

What is your dream job? What would you do?

On the way back from my little getaway weekend from Disney for Valentines, hubby wanted me to listen to a video he found.  My husband Robert is really BIG on motivation, inspiration and personal development.  I don’t always engage in what he reads or videos he watches (I know, I know I should) but there […]

Before and After | Post Production

As a photographer my job starts from the moment a client contacts me till the day I turn in their gallery.  It takes weeks, even months to prepare for a photo shoot or wedding.  The planning of location, props, and outfits is just the beginning. What most don’t realize is after the session a photographer […]


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